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Welcome, I'm Sergij | Wedding photographer Germany, PIXEL-MOD

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Sergij Bryzgunoff

+49 1752903812




The highlights of a wedding are very important, but the casual moments capture special moments. This includes the bride's gaze in the mirror in the morning while getting dressed, happy guests who meet, children playing and much more. If you wish, we can meet at the hotel on the evening before the wedding and start the report. All key scenes - such as the arrival of the bride, exchanging rings, cutting the cake - can be supplemented in a variety of ways with small stories in photographs and video recordings. During the wedding I accompany you inconspicuously and even manage to be in two places at the same time. But sometimes I will have to draw all of your attention to myself without a trace. Everything should serve to effectively stage your happiness so that you can remember it for as long as possible. The bride and groom often see moments in my photos that they did not notice at the wedding and relive their wedding day again.

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