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Sergij Bryzgunoff

+49 1752903812

Moving moments as memories that never fade!

This is my special offer for Lünen and the surrounding area


All day: € 1,600 (from 9:00 to
1:00 a.m. at night)
3 hour photo shoot - 450 € ( especially suitable for wedding ceremonies )
5 hours of photo accompaniment - 650 €
7 hours of photo accompaniment - 850 €
10 hours of photo accompaniment - € 1,150
All photos are thoroughly edited
and saved on a USB stick


Combination price video and photo
together € 2,300 - a cameraman and a photographer.
This is the final price, including travel and other expenses . (Photo books as a gift)

Contact me by

+49 175 2903812
You can also write a message here. I will answer you as soon as possible

Your wedding photographer and cameraman in Lünen, Hamm , Dortmundt and in Unna ...
See continued under ( my special offer , prices, etc.)

Hello, I am Sergij Bryzgunoff, wedding photographer and cameraman with over 20 years of professional experience and enthusiasm for photography and I look forward to welcoming you to ...

Why are you getting married? Out of love, of course, but certainly also to experience a unique day together. To wear a great dress, to celebrate with friends and relatives, to cut a wedding cake and to laugh, dance and ... There are so many reasons and so many wishes for this occasion and yours are the very best!

All these beautiful moments must not be forgotten and should be remembered forever - as photos and / or as a wedding film. My experience, professionalism and creativity help me to capture your wedding moments in pictures and videos and to edit them for you according to your taste: romantic, extravagant, festive, casual, cheeky, funny ...

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